A Virtual Event

A Virtual Event

What a week this has been for the team at ReLink! Have you ever done one of those shows that is absolutely fraught with risk? Live virtual events, with presenters spread out across the country, using their individual laptops and cell phones can be, well, terrifying! We have kits that are designed to make this easy and stable, but some clients have budget limitations and security protocols that make installing our kits in their homes and offices impossible. As a studio, we want to rely on equipment that we’ve put our hands on, vetted, configured, and feel comfortable that everything is going to work as planned. Well, we had NONE of that this week.

Every presenter had to call in to our studio from their personal devices via links we provided, and use a second link on their phone to advance their graphics. We started by giving them a link to a virtual green room, where they would meet with a producer, who would check their environment, lighting, attire, and explain what the process should look like.

We took full control of the audio, and built an individual mix minus for each presenter. This allowed us to choose exactly what each presenter could hear. Our producer could also break in to an individual or an entire group with instructions and to ask questions. They could have conversations with other presenters without hearing their own microphone bounce back. It’s one of the most important features of our work. Our audio partner Proto Stream does it better than anyone, and we couldn’t make it through these events without you.

One of the most significant hurdles was getting white listed on the companies IT security systems, and it took a long time to get those links unblocked by the firewall. If I have any advice for organizations producing virtual events, it’s to double your rehearsal time, or set aside ample time to test those links going into corporate entities. Those companies don’t make it easy to establish your connections, and they don’t operate at the pace that live event professionals expect.

Kudos to Studio Firefly for their tireless efforts and incredible dexterity in navigating this weeks two Virtual Pharmaceutical shows. We love partnering with you, and we are constantly amazed at the places we go together.

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