Moving live conferences online the safe way.

Moving live conferences online the safe way.

I’ve heard this story too many times. I bet you have as well.

Every single production company who builds conferences, concerts and live events has been damaged by the pandemic, costing our economy in so many ways. Of course, the financial damage can not be understated, but how many talented technicians, producers, designers, and all other production professionals couldn’t find a way to maintain their livelihood and had to exit our industry? How many are never coming back?

Some of the strongest companies did the very best they could, and built studios in their warehouses, and learned how to broadcast over the internet. The broadcast portion isn’t new, but the facilities and covid compliance protocols had to be invented. And kudos to those who successfully pivoted, moving live events online and keeping some of their employees and partners working. It’s important to remember though, that even the best companies, with the strongest client base and the most resources still had to let go a majority of their production staff.

So, the story goes, these companies cut down to their fighting weight, got creative, started innovating, and they came up with some truly beautiful virtual sets. They have amazing LED video walls, cameras, lighting, all the bells and whistles. They have the talent and the dedication to completely redesign the production for an online audience. They hire covid compliance officers, adopt all the best practices recommended by science, and they start doing shows. Some of them are spectacular. I love the “never quit anything it takes” attitude and I hope above all that these efforts are successful and rewarding.

But this virus is insidious.

Too often it happens that somebody on the crew, or on the client side, has been exposed. Sometimes they don’t even know that they are sick when they enter the studio. Sometimes they have no symptoms at all on day one of the production, but by day 5, just as rehearsals are ending, there is an outbreak. Production has to be halted, crews have to be quarantined, and the whole event is postponed or cancelled.

It’s a nightmare, and we need it to end.

We felt that this model was too dangerous when we created ReLink. 53% of people with my health conditions, at my age, have been hospitalized, and 18% have died. With those numbers, I personally can not even consider taking work around other humans.

ReLink was designed to allow all of the presenters, producers, designers, and technicians to do their work from their homes. I submit that it’s the only way to truly mitigate risk while building these online conferences. It is possible to create high quality conferences without bringing humans into physical contact. It’s what we do every day. We are here to help.

For more information on what we do, and how we do it, please take a look here.

Stay strong. Stay safe.