ReLink: Here we go!

ReLink: Here we go!

In February of 2020, my partners and I saw our careers in the live events industry come to an abrupt halt.  We immediately got to work on a solution to help our colleagues and our clients navigate this uncertain time and created relink. 

In our simplest terms, relink is a remote video production service, providing all the capabilities and comforts a group of presenters would have on a stage at a live event, with the production crew working through our secured systems from their homes. 

We provide remote controlled devices to collect and stream video with full service backstage support and broadcast, with audience metrics to whatever platform is desired by the client

Telling your story alone on all the various free video conferencing sites is ok, but I think it is fair to say that sharing your slides, using a teleprompter, or even getting a decent lighting balance is difficult and clunky.   There is no polish, no wonder, and therefore, less engagement.  And we are all painfully aware of the camera quality and audio problems that are rampant in our current environment.

Relink safely brings the whole team back together.  We’ve created secured VPN point to point networks that allow producers, show callers, video, lighting, audio, graphics and teleprompters to log in to our extremely low latency infrastructure and work with presenters via our all in one camera kits. 

It starts with our relink suite

The suite is a breeze to set up.  All your client needs to do is place the unit on a table or the road box, open the lighting wings, and plug in the power.  The suite connects via cellular service to our servers.  Shortly after a producer’s face appears on the screen, and the conversation begins! 

Our suites, and our briefcases come with lighting, a microphone, and a robotic camera, all controlled in real time by our team of technicians from across the country. We provide an HDMI input, in ear feedback, and an audio input via a 3.5mm jack.

We can capture and download 4k content for post-production. We can also stream 1080p 60fps in real time, from multiple locations. We can switch from a presenter in New York to a presenter in California as if they were in the same room. We can also set up multi camera shoots with a single technician, who can setup the devices, sanitize the room and then leave for the duration of the shoot.

Each device has a remote-controlled on-board video switcher that is capable of both streaming and local recording.  Even with an internet connection too slow for streaming, we can control everything on our device and create a pristine local recording that can be uploaded when the device reaches a better internet environment.

Sorry about that!   I was going to ask what does relink do regarding audio.  Clearly it is not always awesome to rely on the presenter to manage their technology while they are trying to communicate with their audience.

Managing audio in a professional way just is not possible without an audio engineer who has the tools to do it right.  On stage during a live event, audio and video are separated into individual streams, giving both engineers full control over those signals, their qualities, and where they go.  Those streams are recombined to create the final product.  We do the same through our devices.  Additionally, each location gets their own mix minus, which means they receive a customized audio monitor feed that removes their own voice from the return they hear.  We also provide in ear feedback, so the presenter is hearing through an earpiece instead of a loud speaker that can create background noise and feedback in the microphone.  This also gives us the ability to speak to specific presenters to prepare them for the next segment or make changes on the fly. 

Lighting is often overlooked when it’s done well and is completely unforgivable when it’s not.  One of the major considerations is the angle of light.  Our lights are built into our kits and designed to be off angle of the camera.  This helps keep the glare to a minimum on a presenter’s glasses and helps them to see monitors well.  We chose lights that give us control of intensity and color temperature.  If you are in a room with a lot of sunlight, we can match that color.  If your room is full of warm incandescent light, we can match that as well. We can adjust for different skin tones and background colors.  Our fixtures are very diffuse, providing even coverage that works brilliantly on camera for both foreground and background.  Additional remote-controlled lights can be provided for any special needs.  Just plug in their power and we do the rest.

A well-crafted presentation is an art form.  It is a collaboration between several professionals who have made their career helping people and businesses tell their stories.  We all work together to make sure the sights and sounds support the narrative, and nothing distracts from the message. 

Each member of the team should be an expert in their area.  The CEO can’t be expected to create and run well timed and beautiful graphics.  A presenter sometimes needs the help of a teleprompter.  A producer and a show caller watch every detail and coordinate the flawless execution of the message.  In our environment, all of these skill sets are represented by talented and dedicated people whose passion is storytelling, and all of them are able to contribute to our efforts from the safety of their homes through relink systems and processes. 

Security is on everyone’s mind and it is one of our top priorities at relink.  We have created a secure point to point system using our VPN and registered devices. Our system cannot be accessed without a registered device.  Content is only made public when the client wishes.  It can be distributed through a curated list of attendees who have personal log in information that we provide, and we can offer metrics on who watched what, for how long. 

It should be clear to see that high resolution video, professional quality audio and lighting, and having the full team’s support providing graphics, teleprompting, video direction and even virtual environments, will elevate your messaging far beyond the boundaries we currently endure. 

If we were meant to be alone in our home offices forever, we would never have started having live events.  Relink can’t bring your audience to your home office, but we can return to you the polish and professionalism our audiences enjoyed at our live events.  

There is a better way, and we are here to help.  Please visit us at  thank you for your time, and stay safe out there.